Thursday, July 25th, 2013

GPRO Qualifies for LEED Pilot Credit 81

LEED Pilot Credit 81:
Green Training for Contractors, Trades,
Operators and Service Workers 

Contractors, building trades and operators are essential to successful green buildings. Their active participation and cooperation is needed for successfully implementing many green building practices and technologies, such as commissioning, indoor air quality management, construction waste management, construction activity pollution prevention, and materials selection and tracking.

This proposed pilot credit is a comprehensive approach to educating contractors, trades and operators by providing an approved training and certificate program focused on sustainability, green building, LEED and green work practices.

GPRO is officially the first green building training program to qualify under LEED Pilot Credit 81. For more information, please download this information sheet.

Helpful Links: 

BD&C pilot credit language
BD&C submittal template
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EB:OM submittal template



Sample GPRO Certificate



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Fundamentals of Building Green is the required prerequisite for ALL GPRO courses.

The GPRO training program is designed for experienced building professionals who seek to integrate green practices into the core knowledge of their trade.

The program materials and exam cover the “green gap” between standard trade skills and the new awareness and skills required to successfully implement green building. Individuals with experience in construction and building operations will have an advantage when taking Fundamentals of Building Green and in passing the certificate exam, but anyone with an interest in green building is encouraged to participate.

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