Enter the 2015 EBies!


Property managers and building operators: Has your team been cutting building energy or water use, boosting waste diversion or increasing tenant engagement? You could take a walk down the green carpet and win a 2015 EBie Award. Entries for the 4th Annual EBies are now being accepted through March 30th.See a video of last year’s award ceremony to get a taste of the excitement over existing buildings and meet our past winners from across the United States.

Holiday Wishes from

2014 has been an amazing year for us and green building as a whole—our community of GPRO-trained tradespeople just hit the 6,000 mark and continues to grow. Thank you for your support as students, certificate holders and delivery partners!

On January 1, 2015, New York City will implement a new energy code that could deliver up to 30% cuts in building energy use and move the city towards its goal of reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2050. Energy efficiency training will be even more important for builders and operators who need to keep up with new requirements—sign up for information on energy code training. Read more from Education Development Director Ellen Honigstock on how existing training programs are giving NYC a major boost in implementing sustainability measures on our blog.


We’re now setting up GPRO classes for 2015—contact us to train your organization. New York State trades and operators can sign up for 60% discounted classes here.

GPRO Across America

Over 60 instructors representing more than 40 union halls across the United States and Canada are amped up and ready to start teaching GPRO to their members this fall!Last week, GPRO Mechanical was officially launched at the United Association’s 61st Annual Instructor Training Program (ITP). Forty-four plumbing and mechanical union instructors were trained at ITP to teach GPRO Plumbing and GPRO Mechanical at their locals.We’re also excited to grow our partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) through the training of 16 electrical union instructors. Taught at IBEW’s National Training Institute earlier this month, these instructors will now be able to teach GPRO Electrical Systems and GPRO Construction Management. Read more about our experience at the union trainings here. 


new 49’ers Levis stadium in drought-stricken California is changing the game by using recycled water for 85% of its water needs, from irrigating the field and green roof to flushing toilets. The stadium’s other features include solar energy, reclaimed construction materials, healthy food options, composting, and access to alternative transportation. Together, these features have earned the “Field of Jeans” LEED Gold certification!Photo credit: Intel Free Press, Flickr (CC)



Join the Urban Green team! Stay up to date with our staff openings and don’t miss your chance to dive into the field of sustainability.

GPRO Hits 5,000 Trained!

We are happy to announce that the GPRO community is now over 5,000 strong! Since GPRO’s launch in 2010, thousands of building trades and contractors
have learned why and how to build green. We look forward to growing our network and continuing to lead the green building movement with you! 



If you are curious about climate change, but feel overwhelmed by too much data, the 2014 National Climate Assessment may be for you! This user-friendly web report was released this month by the US Global Change Research Program, a confederation of 13 federal agencies— including the Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, NASA and the EPA — dedicated to understanding and preparing the US for the risks of a changing global climate.

Photo credit: NASA Goddard, Flickr (CC)


Many thanks to Urban Future Lab for hosting the public GPRO Construction Management class! An amazing view of the New York City skyline underscores the impact that participants’ everyday work as building tradespeople and soon-to-be GPRO certificate holders has on the city.

Special thanks to Local Union 3 Electricians for sending a great instructor to teach GPRO Electrical Systems in upstate New York! International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) electricians from all over New York took advantage of the opportunity to become certified GPRO instructors and expand green building knowledge at their local unions.


The New York City Council recently passed four Green Codes targeting better health for building occupants and energy efficiency opportunities on construction sites. Read more about mold, stairs, lights, and pipes here!

Take GPRO This Spring!

We are happy to announce that Urban Green Council will be offering two special public courses in April and May for GPRO Construction Management and GPRO Operations & Maintenance Essentials. These courses will teach the principles of sustainability and green building, and how to apply those principles to your work in constructing and operating buildings.

GPRO CM will take place on four Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm, starting April 29th and ending May 20th. Details on course content, cost, and location available here.

GPRO O&M will take place on four Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9:30pm, starting May 8th and ending May 29th. Details on course content, cost, and location available here.

Spots are limited – register now for GPRO CM or GPRO O&M! Please note: in order to take the certificate exam, students need to attend all course sessions.

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Sample GPRO Certificate

GPRO is a comprehensive national training and certificate program developed by Urban Green Council, USGBC New York, that teaches the people who build, renovate and maintain buildings the principles of sustainability combined with trade-specific green construction knowledge.

GPRO is designed for the experienced building professional who seeks to integrate green practices into his/her core knowledge of their trade. See if GPRO training is right for you by reviewing our course descriptions.

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